Welcome to Window

At Window, we’re passionate about building new and innovative mobile products that will disrupt the construction industry.

Our commitment to the needs of everyone on a job site remains the key driving force behind our team and construction technology company. Whether, you're a laborer, master carpenter, or even a developer, our team of professionals are here to inspire you with their unique ideas, products, and services to make your world more efficient and more rewarding.


Discover new projects in your area

Window doesn’t just show you the work being done – we tell you where it is. Allowing our users to follow projects nearby helps them connect, learn, and even work with a local community of builders and developers. Whether walking past an interesting project or looking to reach out to project owners about your skills, Window allows you to see into any jobsite.


Post about your accomplishments

We’re proud of what we’ve built. What about you? We get it. You’ve taken hundreds of photos and videos of your work but kept them in your pocket rather than on a platform. On Window, there are no filters, no soundtracks, no bullshit. Post your work, skills, and methods we can learn from you. Show us – don’t just tell us what you can do.


Find your community of builders

You have built our cities, communities and homes for generations. Now we’ve built a mobile community for you and your crew. Window is an amazing place to connect to unique, hard working, and talented laborers, tradespeople, and business owners who all share the same goal. Join today and see who’s ready to share some advice.

About Us

Window is comprised of a group of co-founders and investors with deep expertise and a reputation for taking on what few others would.

The team has been obsessed with breaking the status quo in the construction industry and set out to find the "how” and “why” behind innovating in an industry reluctant to fully embrace technology and collaboration tools. Led by research, technology, and design, the team uncovered several key insights which drove our vision. Our new and innovative product and service offering is for everyone who wants to build, learn, and share great skills through their construction projects – regardless of who they are. With our mobile products, we strive to enhance our users’ everyday experiences in the field or at the office. Founded in early 2021, our incredible team of engineers, programmers, designers and marketing experts have worked tirelessly to bring the Window service platform to life. Stay tuned for our early 2022 release announcement!

What We Do

We're a construction technology company led by experienced product developers that focus on mobile software and hardware solutions to help the building industry work more efficiently.

At Window, we believe that our solutions to helping the industry starts with the people doing the hard work. We’ve only just begun, but we already know that every product we build requires hard-earned skills and knowledge of building smarter with a focus on great design. Stay tuned to learn more about Window and the products behind our exciting new company.

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